What do we use acorns for?



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    Acorns play an importnat role in forest ecology. Acorns provide food for animals like blue jays, pigeons, ducks and woodpecks. Large animals like pig, bears and deers will comsume a large amount of acorns. 25% of animal diets include acorns. Acorns are also heavy for wind dispersal, they require a lot of work in order for it to spread. Oaks need biological seed dispersal agents to move the acorns beyond the mother tree and into a suitable area for germination. 

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    As well as what jchang14 mentions, acorns are also foraged by some and eaten. They can be used in a variety of cooking and are a healthy carb with good amounts of B vitamins. Many Native Americans have used acorns for years and have come up with numerous uses for them. Acorns can be roasted and ground into flour or coarser for a grits style substitute. Some even eat them whole like a snack. Before eating them, it is best to boil acorns because they contain high amounts of tannins which can taste bitter and unappealing.

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