What do we do with rotting pumpkins?



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    The best thing to do with the rotting pumpkin would be to compost the pumpkin. Then the pumpkin matter can be turned into soil to grow new pumpkins.

    If you don’t have your own compost pile, there might be one in your neighborhood where you could drop off the compost. For example, where I live in NYC, many of the farmers markets have compost drop-off sites.

    If you have a backyard, starting your own compost pile is very simple.
    If you live in an apartment you can also start your own compost bin with living worms.
    Or you can buy a composting bin. http://www.naturemill.com/
    Check out these websites for instructions on how to get started.

    I live in an apartment, and I save all of my compost in the freezer until I can drop it off at the farmers market. Just stick it in the freezer until you can figure out where to compost it!

    Next year, here are some suggestions for how to use your Halloween pumpkin to make yummy foods and more.

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    Just like with any vegetable or fruit past its prime, compost is definitely the way to go!

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