What do we need to do to plant more trees in America?



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    Realistically, we as a society need to take more initiative. Getting the mass public aware of the situation is the best way to start a campaign such as planting trees. Lobbying your local senators and congressmen, and voicing your concern over the matter will greatly help. Politicians are supposed to tend to the needs of their constituents, which means if you get enough people to rally for this cause, they will pay more attention to the issue and try harder to take the problem to Washington.

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    Take it upon ourselves to plant trees which are native and hearty (that don’t require tons of extra watering, or if you are going to water the trees/ shrubs/ bushes/ plants in your yard, make sure you conserve water or use a greywater filtration system [or capture excess rainwater and use that with no filtration — this is ideal])…. who’s going to be the next Johnny Appleseed?

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