What do we need to do to make organic clothing and food more popular?



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    Right now I think the biggest deterent for most people is the price. Organic and sustainable items tend to cost more and I think that puts most consumers (especially in this kind of economic climate) off. If we could find a way to reduce the cost of production for organic items and hence reduce the retail price, I think more people would purchase eco-friendly products.

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    Honestly, and I hate to say this, but I think more celebrities and public figures need to start wearing and adopting a greener lifestyle.  In America, much of the general public gets their ideas and recommendations from celebrities and how they live their lifestyles.  Even if we’re making fun of them (hello Jersey Shore Halloween costumes!) we are still paying attention to them and what they say and do makes a difference in our culture (whether we want to believe it or not).  If more celebrities actively held a green lifestyle (and spoke out about it) I think more people would think twice (in a good way) about buying organic, eating vegetarian or even vegan or raw, and practicing more sustainable activities on a regular basis.

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