What do we need to do to make organic and local foods work together?



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    You can sell organic food at local grocery stores! That is a great way to bring them together. Also, at local farmer’s markets the farmer’s sell organic foods

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    One option is to use education to promote the benefits of organic and local foods to get more people interested in purchasing them. The perfect place to do this would be at a local farmers market where people could actually buy local organic foods and see the people that are involved in growing, tending, and harvesting the food they are purchasing. Local organic farmers could use this opportunity to try and get more customers buy selling their foods, food products, and even offering free tours of their farm. For some people it really makes a difference in seeing where their food comes from, when they purchase their produce they can have a mental picture of where their food comes from and what it actually looks like when it is growing. Local organic farms could also offer gardening, educational, and other programs for interested people.

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