What do we need to do to acorns to be able to eat them?



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    It does depend on the acorn, but most acorns contain worms or bacterium that might be harmful.  Cracking open the shell is a must, as black holes behind the shell indicate that a worm is in the acorn instead of the nut.  Some acorns do well being cooked at 125 degrees.  Check out more details on this site.

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    Acorns was one of the main staples in the diet of Native Americans.  They are high in protein and calcium and other minerals.  However, acorns have a great deal of tannic acid which can be be damaging to the kidneys and has a distinctively bitter taste.  Thus, to make acorns edible, you must remove as many tannins as possible.  Boil the acorns in a large pot for about 3 hours, changing out the browned water (signifying the release of tannins) with fresh water often.  The acorns can then be dried out and either roasted, candied, or made into a flour/meal.

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