What do we learn from food science?



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    We learn about the nature of foods, the causes of their deterioration, and more about the processing of food. Food scientists find ways to make food last longer and taste appealing to people, among various other things.

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    At the core of food science, the goal is to determine the essential substances and elements that are needed for life. Food scientists study the compounds that are in food and often advocate the one they think is very important (for example, antioxidants are very popular right now). This can be misleading because we have yet to fully understand the interactions of different nutrients in the same food and between foods, and what happens to them in our body.

    Another interesting field is molecular gastronomy. This is the study of the chemical and physical processes that occur during cooking. For example, molecular gastronomists may look at changes in properties when heat is applied to food. This differs from food science in that it is interested in the processes in the foods and not necessarily relating to nutrition.

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