what do we do with old books?



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    I would suggest going to your local library and seeing if they want them.  Most libraries will either take them to add to their collection or have book sale days where people can come and buy large quantities of books for very little money.  You can also try selling them on amazon if they are in decent condition to make a few extra bucks.  I wouldn’t throw them out because there are a lot of people willing to take them.

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    There are a lot of places you can donate them.  You can donate to goodwill, libraries, colleges/universities etc.  You can also give them to thrift stores or sell them at a garage sale.  You might not have any use for the books anymore, but it might be really helpful to someone else out there.  

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    You can use the resource provided below to find places nearby that will accept your old books.  Simply type in “book recycling”, along with your zip code!

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