What do we do with old abandoned mines?



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    I know from environmental class that sometimes previous companies, if they are still in business, are forced to fix the landscape and fill in the old mines. However, I do not believe this always happens and often the mines are left to cave in themselves. 

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    Usually, they sit around doing nothing. Sometimes they’re used for recreational and didactic purposes. One located not to far from me has guided tours to show what it was like for a miner to go down in a mine every day. I’m sure there are others like that as well. However, many mines can pose a threat to the area around it, but the attached link has a lot of info on what’s being done.

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    Often times they are really abandoned and forgotten. But in some cases they are filled up with wastes. Some old mines are known to collapse on their own and this might be quite detrimental to humans and even animals. Some habour dangerous animals and pools of water

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