what do we do to hurt the enviroment



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    Sadly, humans do a lot to hurt the environment. We pollute the air with fossil fuels and the waters with toxins, we destroy ecosystems through deforestation, we drive species to the point of severe endangerment (and sometimes past) with hunting or destruction of their habitats, we create mountains of garbage which sit and leach chemicals – the list is endless. See the links below for information on one macrocosmic example of humans negatively affecting the environment (anthropogenic climate change) and one microcosmic (the driving of mountain gorillas to near extinction).

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    Most of the greatest damage we do to the environment is a result of exploding human populations in the past 150 years.  Where it used to be possible to use resources from the environment sustainably, there are now so many of us we wipe out entire ecosystems harvesting food, lumber, and other resources. We also clear forests for farmland.

    This habitat destruction is incredibly damaging; when you destroy a habitat often all the plants and animals that live there can go extinct.  We also pump leak chemicals into the environment as a by-product of our commercial activities,from manufacturing waste to all the consumer waste we put into landfills. 

    Let’sNot to mention that the CO2 we release from automobiles and agriculture is causing the planet’s climate to change more rapidly than ever before in its history. Even during much slower, natural climate change the result is usually a mass extinction of plant and animal species. The consequences of the current global warming are almost certain to be dire for the natural world.

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