What do Venus Fly Traps eat besides flies?



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    Despite the name, Venus Fly Traps catch more than just flies.  They don’t discriminate;  any insect or arachnid will do.  Here is a Venus Fly Trap pictured after having trapped an unfortunate bee:


    photo credit: http://www.venusflytrap.co.uk/

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    Some people think it is okay to feed your cat things other than insects, like meat and nuts, but this is far from the truth.  Feeding a venus fly trap anything other than insects could kill it.

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    Venus flytraps also eat small frogs. Just as long as whatever insect or small amphibian fits inside, the fly trap should be good to go. Sometimes, if a flytrap eats an insect that’s too big and it’s legs stick out, bacteria from the insect can actually infect and kill the flytrap. 

    Venus fly trap with young frog

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