What do plants use from sunlight?



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    Plants absorb the electromagnetic radiation in the visible light spectrum (aside from green light which is reflected and why plants appear green) – this radiation is absorbed and used to photosynthesize sugars. which are subsequently stored as starches.

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    Plants use the sunlight for a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants use the energy from sunlight to to produce glucose (sugar), which can be used by the plant for energy. Then, cellular respiration converts into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy used by all living things. Sunlight also gives plants their green color.
    More simply, plants use sunlight to produce food, and this photosynthetic process uses water to release the oxygen that we breathe. So, plants use the energy sunlight is shining down on Earth to provide living things with food and oxygen, which to put it mildly, is crucial for survival.

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