What do tree rings reveal about the roman empire?



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    BBC News (2011) reported on a throrough study that was completed that provided a link between tree growth rings and the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Researchers have based their findings on data from 9,000 wood artefacts from the past 2,500 years. They concluded that periods of warm, wet summers coincided with prosperity, while political turmoil occured during times of climate instability. Please visit the link below to learn more.

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    Nellieliz4 is right. The same article states that there are examples when climate change impacted human history. In good growing seasons (i.e. good amount of water and nutrients) the tree rings are broad but in bad conditions (i.e. drought) the rings are formed tighter. When they analyzed the tree rings they found that during Roman and medevial prosperity there were wet and warm summers – broad tree rings. Furthermore, when the Roman empire was marked with barbarian invasions, political turmoil, and economic dislocation there was a drying period.

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