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    A Siberian tiger’s favorite food is ungulates, or hoofed mammals such as elk, deer, and wild pigs, but they have also been known to eat lynx and bears.  Wild pigs make up about half of a Siberian tiger’s diet.  When big game is scarce, tigers will eat birds, fish, rabbits, and small rodents.  

    An adult Siberian tiger needs to average about 9kg of food every day, but at times they will eat up to 50kg in one sitting.  That’s about 110 pounds of meat.

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    Depending on the tiger’s habitat, tigers consume deer, wild boar, buffalo, antelope, monkeys, porcupines, frogs and fish, crabs, pythons, and even young elephants or rhinos.  Tigers do not discriminate when they stalk and capture prey; they will kill animals of any age and physical condition.  A tiger’s hunger is also remedied by eating grass, berries, and fruits. 

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