what do they meaning by ‘milk ingredients’

On the packages of candy bars, one of the ingredients are ‘ milk ingredient ‘ what is that



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    It’s partly a scam on the part of manufacturers to vastly change the daily ingredients of products without telling anyone. One day, you’ll get a group of things — all called “milk ingredients” — that are produced from milk, another day, other things, also called “milk ingredients”.

    Neat trick, eh? Some of this is legitimate. After all, companies are trying to keep costs down, and it may not make too much difference to you whether skim powder or milk protein concentrate is used.

    Have a read of the story in the URL, below.

    (btw, it’s not that difficult to answer questions like this for yourself — and in as much or little detail as you like. I searched on “definition of milk ingredients” … and you could do the same. A better result for you, especially, if, in this example, you have a milk allergy. ‘Cause the third article returned is about allergies.)

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