What do swans eat?



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    Swans diet consists of a variety of aquatic vegetation (such as algae) during the summer, grasses found on the banks of water, and small insects such as gnats.  Additionally, during harvest time, swans will eat all types of grain out of newly harvested agricultural lands.

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    Swans are vegetarians and are known to eat different types of plants, weeds, roots, leaves and stems found in the water including sedges and pond weeds.  In addition swans enjoy insects, water beetles, snails, and shrimp found in fresh water (not salt). 

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    I saw a swan and it ate a cracker.

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    The Swan diet consists of aquatic vegetation such as underwater plants and algae. They also eat grasses along the banks, small insects, and cultivated grains in open fields. Swans are large waterbirds. They have a long distinct neck and are a symbol of grace. They mate for life.

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