What do specialist and generalist species do?



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    Specialists and Generalists are two different classifications for animals based on how they eat. Generalists are organisms like bears and people, that can survive on a wide variety of different foods and resources to survive. This makes them much more stable since they have varying foods to eat. Specialists on the other hands are organisms like bees, butterflies and many birds. These animals are adapted to eat one particular type or group of foods. Many specialists contain special physical characteristics, like along sucker or a hooked beak to extract nectar or seeds from a plant.

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    The terms generalist and specialist refer to the diets of animals. A generalist animal would find a variety of different foods that it could eat in about equal quantities. A specialist is an animal that has only one food source or eats only one specific food at certain parts of the year. A koala is a specialist species because it only eats Eucalyptus. More information on generalist and specialist species can be found at the website in the citation field below.

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