What do smart meters do to save me energy?



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    Smart meters give you the ability to see your power usage and adjust it to conserve energy and save money. Many smart meter displays will show you exactly how much you are saving by adjusting your thermostat. Seeing your energy use definitely helps to give you control of your savings and allows you to limit peak energy usage. It is controversial on whether the cost of replacing all meters is worth this ability when there are other incentives to save energy, but sometimes if you are able to see the direct savings of your conservation, it has more of an impact and gives you motivation to continue. Energy companies hope that future smart meters use will include the ability to transmit data that prevents or repairs outages quickly. Google has come up with its own version for customers, the PowerMeter, which connects directly to your circuit breaker.

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      Duh. Why do I need a “meter” to tell me if I turn something off or I don’t turn something on I am not using electricity and that saves me money. Again, why does it take a meter to tell somebody that if I lower a heating temp, or raise a cooling temp I am using electricity and I save money? Isn’t that just intuitive? Especially if there are no time of use rates.

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    Also, smart meters are able to monitor and manage the energy usage of home appliances through the transmission of radio frequencies between the meter and transmitters installed in the appliances.  You can set peak and off-peak hours, and the smart meter will adjust energy settings from optimum performance to optimum energy efficiency accordingly. 

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