What do seagulls eat?



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    Seagulls do not tend to be picky eaters.  On the website, All About Seagulls, they claim that seagulls will eat “just about anything, from fish to small rodents.”  This is why seagulls are known to steal humans’ food.  They can break into almost anything, including clams and other shellfish.

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    The natural diet of gulls consists of fish, mollusks, worms, insects, other small animals, eggs, and berries, along with other edible plant material.  

    Gulls that live in and around civilization tend to have a heavily varied diet, which would include anything edible that they can sink their beaks into.

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    Gulls are commonly found far offshore, wherever food is plentiful. The continental shelf provides an ideal feeding ground for these birds, as cold water upwellings bring food from the ocean depths to the ocean surface.

    Gulls primarily feed on fish and other aquatic life like clams and snails. They are also known to eat worms, insects, small animals, eggs, berries, plant material, and even garbage! It would be safe to say that seagulls are NOT picky eaters.

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