What do scorpions eat?



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    Scorpions eat insects, small and medium sized lizards, snakes, rodents, and occasionally other scorpions.  They don’t specifically go hunting for something, but rather eat whichever of these creatures comes their way.  Since they’re not using energy to hunt they can go over a year sometimes without any food.  

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    Scorpions are carnivores and feed mostly on insects, but will eat small mice and lizards, too. They have three main ways of catching their food. One, they hide and wait for their prey to come to them. Two, they stalk their prey. Three, they dig a hole in the sand and wait for their prey to fall through. Once their prey is captured, they crush it up with their pincers and inject an enzyme that dissolves its insides. Scorpions do this, which may take an hour, because they can only suck liquid due to their small mouths. Scorpions don’t eat very often. They can slow their metabolism down to one third its normal rate, enabling them to survive on 1 insect per year! This is not typical, however, and usually eat every couple of weeks.

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