What do scientists think of zoos?



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    I think most scientists like zoos because it allows them to learn more about the species on this planet. Some scientists have even freezed the cells of endangered species out of hopes of bringing up their numbers some day. As long as it allows humans to learn more about nature, scientists in general will be ok with it.

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    Along with what rocketman said, scientists also like zoos because they get the public interested in the environment! Zoos are a great source of education and attract visitors and end up tricking them into learning something about the environment! With an educated public, there is more likely to be funding and further interest in studies and conservation of these animals and the places they live. It is, of course, important that the zoo has the right intentions and treats the animals according to regulations!

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    Well it depends on which type of scientist you are referring to I feel. If you are asking a scientist in the environmental sector the response may differ from one in the biology realm. It’s all a matter of opinion!

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