What do nuclear scientists do now?



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    Nuclear energy is an efficient, relatively low cost renewable source of energy that is generally misunderstood and because of this is disregaurded as a viable source of energy.

    Nuclear energy itself is clean, the problem is it produces nuclear waste which very hazardous to health and has an incredibly long half-life (its naturaul decomposotion takes so long for all intents and purposes you can suppose any nuclear waste that is produced is just sitting there indefintely).

    Scientists today are working on a way to either produce nuclear energy without the harmful waste it produces, or figuring out a way to safely dispose of this waste. France is already utilizing nuclear energy in a safe and effective way, so there is hope that it could be used as one of the replacements for fossil fuels in the future.

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    Nuclear scientists are also working on producing stable fusion reactions so that we might have nuclear energy in the future without any of the harmful waste.

    Fusion is the process of two light atoms “fusing” together to make a heavier atom.  Most commonly this is fusing two hydrogen ions into a helium atom, like Doctor Octopus did in Spiderman II.  The process releases a huge amount of energy, which we observe all the time: fusion is the source of energy for the stars.


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