What do restaurants do with excess buffet food?



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    It depends on the restaurant but the honest, horrible horrible truth is, many of them just throw the food out. The reasons why is they do not have the facilities for proper storage, and they do not want their customers to discover that they’re serving them food that isn’t fresh. Yes, I know. It hurts me too. >< If you’re in college, try trolling a restaurant around closing time, and maybe you can save some food from neglect and abandonment for free. There was a sushi place by my campus that gave my roommates and I a whole platter!

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    A lot of restaurants do toss out their food, as they should. This has to do with inadequate storage space. This has to do more so with health codes. Food quality suffers the longer it is out and at some point the food becomes unservable.

    Most restaurants do seek to reduce the amount of waste, a practice to keep food costs from sky rocketing. A restaurant which is great at this is Chipotle Mexican Grill. I know at some of their locations food waste cost is below $30 a day.

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