What do the residents of Alaska do during the dark months?



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    The extreme outdoor athletes participate in a number of outdoor events such as ice climbing, skiing, and alpine climbing.  There is also dogsleding and ice fishing.  The indigenous Alaskan tribes had many indoor sport competitions to fight the winter blahs.  An example is the, “one foot high kick” where a player tries to kick a target on a stick with one leg from a standing poition, and then land on his kicking leg.  At one time, many indigenous tribes also spent the winter making exquisite sybolic artwork that also had a functional purpose. 

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    They do many of the same things that they do during the sunlight months, if temperatures permit.  Outdoor temperatures have more impact on activity than lack of sunlight.  The moon, stars and northern lights provide enough light to allow most outdoor activity.  The ‘dark months’ are never completely dark.  We just need to dress apppropriately for the weather.  The winter weather in Anchorage is similar to Salt Lake City in Utah, except that the daylight is shorter and the daily high and low temperatures are closer together.

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