What do prisoners use as tattoo ink?



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    Prisoners’ tattoo ink might come from a pen or made from melted plastic or burned Styrofoam. Here’s one suggested process, assuming they’re able to acquire a plastic or porcelain plate, Styrofoam, a scraping implement, small container, and lighter…

    1 – Light the Styrofoam up, making black smoke, and hold the plate over the smoke to catch as much of it as possible.

    2 – Scrape the soot into a pile on the plate and place in a container with a lid.

    3 – Place 2 or 3 drops of shampoo on top of the soot in the 1st small container. Add water(stir contents as you add the water) until desired thickness…dip the needle and go for it.

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    Tattoo ink in prisons “might come from a pen, or it might be made from melted plastic, burned Styrofoam, or whatever else the prisoners can find.” The ink themselves are usually applied with makeshift needles, such as a paper clip, staple, or metal guitar string.

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    Tatoo ink is made by prisoners in a variety of ways. One way is out of ash or soot, whether from wood, styrofoam, or even cigarettes, often mixed with water, urine, shampoo, or saliva to liquify and thicken. Infection is frequent, and death is not uncommon, especially in prisons in other countries.

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