What do Platypuses eat?

I’m helping my child with a project and I can’t seem to find what they eat, could you please help me
much appreciated thanks! 🙂



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    The platypus is a bottom feeder that eats larvae, insects, shell fish and worms.  Since they do not have teeth and do not filter the items they scoop up they will also eat some dirt and rock pieces which aid in breaking up their meals.

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    The platypuses eat “yabbies,” which are various insect larvae, shrimp, crayfish, earth worms, meal worms, May flies, dragonflies, mussels, trout eggs, frog eggs, tadpoles, small frogs and fish. These animals get their food by “diving to the bottom of  streams and rocking its head from side-to-side through the mud.  These dives  last for about 40 seconds.”

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