What do people think is the best way to solve global warming>



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    I think this needs to be approached from many angles. First we need some short term quick solutions (ones that we know won’t stick, but will help for now). This includes things like carbon storage and putting more restrictions on the amount of carbon companies can emit. Over time we need to be teaching sustainability to the next generation as they come through schools. Children need to grow up learning these skills so that as they get older they can use them in their homes and pass them onto the next generation.

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    There are several different components we need to combine to solve global warming. One is to make things we use everyday more efficient. Whether this means cars or household products, they need to be more efficient and give off less emissions. We should also try and find a way to use alternative fuels as soon as possible. This would eliminate our dependence on oil and improve the environment a lot. We have a long way to go, but it is possible to defeat global warming.

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