What do people do with old milk crates?



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    Nine Simple Uses for used Milk Crates:
    1. Furniture
    2. Storage
    3. Pet Caves
    4. Travel Boxes
    5. Stepstool
    6. Shelves
    7. Filing Cabinet
    8. Personal In-Box
    9. Donation Box

    For Details on how to make these funky ideas work follow the link below

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    There are loads of things you can do with old milk crates. If you want to reuse them for something else, you can turn them into a drop-box for your front porch if you run a business from home. You can use them for future storage (craft boxes, files, storing decorations, etc.). You can paint them, stack them, and then use them as bookcases, tv stands, or general sorts of shelves. You can also use them as recycle bins, trash bins, or for use in the pantry…basically anything you can think of to make them into is pretty possible. Or you can give them back to the company that gave them to you.

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