What do the Peace Corps do for our environment?



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    Peace Corps is actively involved in efforts to better our environment.  Peace Corps volunteers lead grassroots efforts to help protect and preserve the environment.  Some of these efforts include establishing forest conservation plans, helping develop alternatives to wood as a fuel source, promoting environmental awareness in projects like recycling, and organizing environmental youth clubs.

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    The Peace Corp also actively involved in education, trying to inform the youth about important environmental issues. Volunteers try to provide education to improve soil conservation, forestry, and vegetable gardening practices. They also work with various organizations and communities to conserve biodiversity of ecoystems, soil conservation, and improvements in agroforestry.

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    Peace Corps in at least some countries have a new program that focuses on Ecotourism and English. It is working with local people to train them on how to conduct responsible ecotourism. They are providing classes in English so tourists and local people can communicate better. This program should train the local people on how to make a living while protecting the environment.

    Other Peace Corps programs focus on conservation and sustainable agriculture, which are both beneficial to the environment. Many volunteers work in the schools, thus educating children about protection of our world. Children are great keys to conservation as they love to spread the message to their famlies and friends.

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