What do older people do that hurts the environment?



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    They drive cars, they fly in airplanes, they choose not to recycle (or throw their diet coke cans into a field of beautiful, harmless, defenseless, and precious wildflowers), they waste things, they buy factory farmed products… do you want me to continue? Pretty much what old people do is they don’t—think, they don’t care, or—know that every little bit matters. Young people be wary—trust not your role models’ every action! And look not to me for a role model either, as I have been guilty of everyone of the above mentioned crimes at least once before, but I have also tried to offset the wrong I’ve done by substituting in some good in place of it (I paid an extra 16 bucks for plane tix so someone out there would plant a tree for me or something I think!—why not take it into my own hands next time? you might ask—and I have no answer for you!… Just maybe I will!)


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