What do mud puppies turn into?



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    Mudpuppies are a type of amphibian, a salamander to be exact, that do not change much during their life. They live in the water throughout their life and maintain an almost larval form to their body. They breathe through gills and feed on fishes and invertebrates that live in the water.

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    Mudpuppies are also called waterdogs.  Mudpuppies are one of the few salamanders that makes noises. Mudpuppies are not juveniles that grow into something different, they are salamanders and their names are deceiving, yes. They received the name Mudpuppies or waterdogs because the noise they make sounds like a squeaky version of a dog’s bark.

    These salamanders are among the largest of the salamanders. On average, they grow to be 8 to  13 inches with a lifespan of 11 years. These amphibians are carnivores who live on the bottom of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. They do not leave the water and they hide themselves under vegetation, rocks and logs.  They hunt for food at night eating crayfish, worms, and snails.

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