What do marine biologists do?



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    A marine biologist studies marine organisms. There are many variations on what someone who is a marine biologist actually does on a daily basis. They may train, teach, observe, research, study, protect or manage any and all kinds of marine life. Marine life includes microbes, plants and animals including fish, coral, dolphins, etc. Marine biologists may work in the field, in conservation settings, in aquariums, or in many other settings. 

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    Marine biologists study marine organisms, how they behave, and how they interact with their environment.  Many marine biologists decide to specialize in one or a few aspects because there are simply too many parts to marine biology that they cannot devote enough time to each.  It’s very similar to doctors, some are dermatologist, others are neurologists – some marine biologists study coral reefs, others study clams.  They often have a lot of knowledge when it comes to oceanography as well.  

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    My boyfriend and his best friend are both marine biologists. As mcoffey mentioned, marine biology is a broad field of study that can have many focuses. Having an understanding of ocean currents is often important to a marine biologist’s work. My boyfriend studied plankton and how discharges of nutrients from the Amazon River affect microorganisms in Barbados. His best friend works with more general marine topics, and often writes reports that can be used in a court of law to make decisions on how to improve the environment.

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    Marine biologists may focus on chemical, physical and geological aspects of ocean studies in addition to numerous biology topics. They can pursue a variety of careers, possibly working for academic institutions, government agencies, or international marine-related companies. Possible titles include environmental consultant, aquaculturist, environmental lobbyist, natural resource manager or fisheries biologist.

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