What do killer whales kill?



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    Fish, squid, seal, sea lion, walrus, bird, sea turtle, otter, penguin, polar bear, reptile, and even a moose are all prey which have been found in killer whale’s stomachs.

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    Even though they are very efficient predators, killer whales are not referred to as such because they eat other animals (as do many species) but also because they are apex predators and have no natural predators of their own. 

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    It depends on the different species of Killer Whales. There are Resident, Transient, and Off-shore Killer Whales. Diet is one thing that separates each species. Residents feed primarily on fish and will ignore other marine mammals. Transients actually prefer marine mammals and will also eat sea birds. Less is known about Off-shores, since they live farther out in the ocean, but it is believed that they will eat fish and possibly marine mammals as well.[img_assist|nid=182658|title=Female Killer Whale|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=71]

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