What do I need to do to get rid of mold in my house?



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    Before going about removing mold, make sure to wear a mask or respirator that will filter out mold spores.  Eye protection, rubber gloves, and clothing that can be easily cleaned is also highly recommended.

    You can remove mold from hard surfaces (e.g., hard plastic, glass, metal, counter tops) by scrubbing them with a non-ammonia soap or detergent.  You cannot completely remove mold from porous surfaces (e.g., paper, drywall, carpet padding), so these materials ought to be discarded.  As for mold on structural wood, scrubbing may not be entirely effective, so some sanding may be required to remove the mold entirely.

    After removing the mold, you should disinfect the area with a disinfectant, rinse the area with clean water, and then rapidly dry the surfaces.  The use of fans, dehumidifiers, and natural ventilation is recommended.

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    Mold grows in moist areas. Once you remove the mold (be sure to use a mask and gloves so you do not become sick), you will want to clean the area very well with cleaners and remove any moisture. If the mold is growing on old boards or rotted wood you will need to replace these boards.

    If mold grows on your bread or other food in the cupboard, consider keeping the food in your refridgerator. You house may be very moist and mold will grow quick. You could also get a dehumidifier for the area where you are finding mold.

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