What do I have to do to flower bulbs to make them last longer?



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    Flowers can bloom for longer periods of time if you follow a few simple rules.  First, always cut flower stems at an angle – since flowers only take in water through the tips of their stems, an angled cut increases the surface area of their ‘mouths’.  Second, always make sure to put flowers into water as soon as possible – any time without water will stunt growth.  Never fill the vase up to the top – again, flowers only take in water through the tips of their stems, so being totally immersed in water not only doesn’t help, it actually drowns the lower leaves!  Finally, you can add either a capful of bleach or a store-bought preservative (available at most garden centers) to the water to increase the life of the flowers.

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    I have had great results with floral foods.  It helps keep the flowers lasting longer, plus keeps the water from getting smelly!  Also, a lot of people are not aware that if you have lillies that have not opened, you can delay the opening by refridgerating them.  Just pull them out when you are ready for them to open!

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