what do i have to do to become a good writer?

What skills to be developed to do so?



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    This is just one opinion, but I think if you apply yourself while meeting different people with different writing styles, you will absorb and develop the skills along the way. Obviously, you need to equip yourself with proper grammar and vocabulary, but I believe maturity (in writing) requires experience. Introduce yourself to different styles, voices, and skills of excellent resources around you: parents, friends, professors, books, articles, etc.

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    Read everything!  As syl6 said, experiencing different writing styles can help you immensely.  You can learn new skills from fiction, nonfiction, magazines, newspapers and blogs.  Practicing consistently will also help you hone your skills, and putting your writing out where other people can see it is good too.  Other people will usually be able to see your strengths and weaknesses more easily than you can, and they can point those out to you so you know what to work on.

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