what do I do if a jellyfish stings me?



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    If a jellyfish stings you there are many ways to deal with it.  In a survey I helped complete with the Surfrider Foundation most people agreed the best cure was pouring vinegar directly on the sting.  It is highly recommended to get to a hospital immediately if you are stung, especially if you did not see the type of jellyfish you encountered.  There are some species that are far more poisonous than others and its always better to be safe than sorry.  Hope the link below helps further!

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    Here are some steps to follow:

    • Check the vital signs and see if the victim is in shock or having trouble breathing.
    • wrap your hand in a towel or protective glove to wipe away the tentacles.
    • use alcohol or ammonia to neutralize the wound. 
    • dry wound site with sand, powder, or cornstarch
    • use cold compress to help swelling.

    check the article for more information

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