what do groundhogs use their tail for?



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    A groundhog’s tail makes up less than a fourth of it’s body, and measures at an average of 6 inches long.  Although I could not find specific information on what they use their tails for, I assume that it is used as a counter balance for their weight.  They might also use their tails as a way to communicate with other groundhogs, or even as an extra source of warmth which they can wrap around their body.

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    A groundhog’s 15 centimeter long tail, covered by thick brown hair indicates a start of the creature’s molting process along with it’s head.  This process is done annually to generate new hair.  There isn’t really a strong answer for why groundhogs use their tail, although in addition to what jfulgenc metioned above, but it may just be an evolutionary offset or a non-functioning appendage.

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