What do gas stations do to make sure they are not polluting the environment?



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    There are a variety of government regulations that ensure owners of gas stations are taking at least a few environmental precautions. For instance, fuel storage containers underground must have corrosion protection and a device that will keep them from overfilling. In addition, gas station owners are required to have insurance or money of some kind on tap to pay for damages caused by their businesses.

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    Although gas stations are required to follow health and safety guidelines, they are still hazardous to people and the environment. The risks of gas stations include ground-level ozone caused in part by gasoline fumes, groundwater hazards from leaking petroleum products, and exposure hazards from other chemicals that might be used at the station if it’s also a repair shop. Underground tanks are subject to leaks, and spilled gas can evaporate into the air or flow down the drain with storm water or contaminate soil/groundwater.

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