What do flies eat?



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    Flys eat feces, open sores, and moist decaying organic food.Since flies can only eat liquid foods they will throw up saliva onto solid foods so that they can ingest it in a liquid form.

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    Like haydenseder said, flies cannot eat whole foods as they do not have teeth or a stinger of any kind.  Instead, their mouths are similar to sponges in that they absorb food like a sponge absorbs water and their tongues are shaped like straws so that they can essentially vacuum up whatever item they have just dissolved with their saliva.

    They mostly enjoy eating wet or already decaying substances as it is the easiest to soak up.  Adult flies prefer sweets and rotten fruit whereas flies in the developing stages prefer decaying meat and feces.  They are especially attracted to waste (pet or human) because the odor is so strong that is stands out and is easy for the fly to find.    

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