what do fish eat?



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    This question entirely depends on the type of fish in question.  Like people, fish can be herbavores, carnivores, or omnivores. As a general rule of thumb, fish will eat things that are smaller than them which can include baby shrimp, plankton, algae, etc. If you are talking about pet fish, it is best to ask a local pet store what is best to feed a fish. 

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    It depends upon the type of fish you are talking about.  A shark, for example, eats many things, both plant and animal, including people.

    Some fish only eat, of all things, bacteria.  Some stick to insects and some other fish eat smaller fish and others eat shrimp and krill.   There’s even a fish that eats rocks, excreting the waste as sand!  However, most fish are capable of eating several things as this increases their chances of survival.

    And while most fish will eat things smaller than themselves, this is not necessarily true. If there is a dead whale lying on the bottom of the ocean, ‘meat-eating’ fishes will pick at the carcass.  

    However, as a category, fish are true omnivores, in that they will eat anything, but it depends on the individual type of fish as to what they actually eat.  But individual fishes usually eat more than one thing as this increases their chances of survival.

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