What do environmentalists oppose commercial space tourism?



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    A group of atmospheric scientists published a report saying the particles of black soot that get emitted from from the spacecraft could make the surface on parts of the Earth rise .7 to .8 degrees Celsius. But there are some fundamental issues with the study, which makes assumptions about the type of fuel that is used, and where the craft launches from. But the point is that there are some issues that need to be considered before the commercial space tourism industry grows up.

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    Simply put, it takes a huge amount of energy to lift any amount of weight out of Earth’s orbit. Making that energy come from a environmentally friendly source is difficult at best. In the past, everything from toxic fuels to kerosene have been used as propulsion. Unfortunately NASA’s shuttle launch site is right next to a wildlife reserve. This means that often there is a lot of exhaust that drifts into places animals live.

    Whether or not the environment is increasingly taken into consideration in space travel will be decided as the price of space travel goes down. It depends on if people are willing to fund research to make launches more clean.

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