What do environmental psychologists do?



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    Environmental psychologists attempt to understand the relationship between people and their physical surroundings. They use their research to assist in the planning, design, and operation of various kinds of public places.

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    Environmental psychology is field that focuses on the connection between humans and their environments. Environmental psychologists examine humans in the natural, social, etc. environments to learn how humans behave with respect to their surroundings. This information allows environmental psychologists to protect and create healthier environments for humans. The definition of the job is so broad because the field is encompasses such a variety of disciplines.

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    Environmental psychologists study people and how they relate to their physical surroundings. Some of the issues they investigate are how noise and pollution affect people and how the environment impacts people’s attitudes. They also do field research and observe workplaces to help improve the performance of workers.

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    Environmental psychologists focus on the impact of a physical environment upon people and their attitudes. In some cases, this position requires incorporating this type of knowledge into the planning of public spaces. Generally, environmental psychologists work within a multidisciplinary team.

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    Environmental psychologists focus on the relationship between humans and their surroundings– how people think, feel, behave, and interact based on the influence of their environment. This has focused on architecture, engineering and design, and how those industries might organize themselves and their projects to increase the productivity of people and improving their environment. For example, environmental psychologists might design and build an urban plaza in a particular way based on the walking patterns of the people in that area. Similarly, a retail store might organize their products in a specific layout based on the advice of environmental psychologists who assert that people are more consumeristic or able to be manipulated when their environment is a certain way.

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