What do earwigs do?



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    According to blog.ecosmart.com, despite their name, earwigs are rather harmless. They may have menacing pincers, but their pinch is rather “mild.” They can not breed inside; therefore, if you find one in your home, it’s probably trying to get out. They’ll actually feed on mites and spiders inside the home; therefore, they might actually be more helpful than harmful. In some places, however, they can get in wells and contaminate water by way of the bacteria they carry.

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    Earwigs are a nocturnal insect.  They can be pests when they eat the plants of agricultural crops or when they infest a home.  They are a difficult pest to control as they spend the day hiding in tiny cracks and holes. Their most notable physical characteristic is their forceps, scientifically called cerci, on the back end of their abdomen.  Perhaps the most interesting fact about them is the origin of their name.  Their name means “ear creature” and it was believed that earwigs would crawl into sleeping people’s ears and bore into their brains.  In reality this is a myth.

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