What do developing nations need to help combat climate change?



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    Economic growth.  Talking to people in developing nations about global warming seems to be an excercise in futility.  We are talking about people who often have no money for food, housing, education, or health care.  Until these basic human problems are dealt with, you cannot expect people in these countries to be able to contribute to solving the global warming problem.  Asking a person who is freezing to death not to stay warm by lighting a tire fire is ludicrous.  The same principle applies to capping growth in order to solve climate change.  Until these basic human needs are met, it is unreasonable to ask developing nations to deal with global warming.

    The bottom line, in my eyes at least, is that only economic growth can provide developing nations with the relative luxury of creating meaningful environmental protections.  The United States should devote more money and resources to dealing with these problems so that we can create a coherent, global solution for climate change in which all countries can participate, not just the developed ones.

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