What plants do deer not eat?



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    In general, deer stay away from “hairy, spiky, aromatic, thorny, and leathery” plants. However, if there is a limited amount of food available, deer will eat just about anything. There are at least over 100 kinds of deer-resistant plants. All of them are listed on the second website provided below.

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    There are options for landscaping plants that won’t be bothered by deer. The list varies depending on where you live. Check with you local agriculture office, or check the link below. In my garden, they don’t eat the tomato plants. That’s about it.
    You can buy or make your own deer repellents. Deer don’t like the smell of raw eggs, fish products, kelp, or ammonia. Any spray made from these products can be used. Just mix the product of choice in water and spray the plants to be protected.

    Deer don’t like the smell of soap either. Some gardeners have especially found success with Dial and Zest brands.

    Blood meal scattered around the garden is another good deterrent.

    Since deer don’t like capsaicin, the ingredient that makes peppers hot, a spray made from chili peppers deters deers.

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