What do countries do with abandoned bunkers from old wars?



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    It depends on the bunker, on the country involved, and where it’s located. Huge concrete bunkers studded the borders and coasts of many countries, particularly before and during World War II. There were a great many bunkers constructed in Britain to ward off the expected invasion by Germany which never came, and conversely Hitler festooned the French coast with pillboxes in anticipation of the Allied invasion. Some of the bunkers were dismantled in the years after, but many are still there. Some are turned into museum pieces, such as the pillbox you can visit on Omaha Beach which was stormed by US troops on the morning of June 6, 1944. Some have simply been left alone for nature to reclaim. Interestingly, in this latter category are bunkers of Germany’s “Siegfried Line,” which have become havens for wild animals nesting in the forests. In fact, environmentalists have tried to stop the dismantling of these old bunkers because they provide such good habitats for animals.

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