What do companies do with unused merchandise?



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    Shockingly, retailers like H&M and Walmart were found throwing their unused merchandise in the trash! Other retailers donate it to charities. There are alot of overstock retailers that will pay cash for the merchandise and sell it at half-price so consumers feel like they are getting a deal, but these companies are still making a profit.

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    As nellieliz4 said, it can be donated to charities, put on sale, or sent to a discount store. Ross is one of the many discount stores that sell surplus merchandise at reasonable prices. Goodwill accepts surplus merchandise as well, but most thrift stores only sell used goods. I like shopping at secondhand stores better than surplus stores (or any retail store for that matter) because they have a much larger variety of goods available. However, I like Ross because it is a good place to get undergarments, and thrift stores just don’t sell underwear.

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