What do cigarette butts do to the environment?



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    They pollute it. They are unsightly, but apparently they also end up polluting the water supply and harming fish and wildlife. Here’s why they are harmful: They are made of something that does not bio-degrade, called cellulose acetate. The stuff is spun into a fiber and then woven together like cotton, but it is basically a plastic. And everyone knows plastics take forever to bio-degrade. There’s more to it….

    When it rains and they all get washed away (no more problem, right? [Wrong!]), cigarette butts end up making their way into town water supplies. At this point chemicals that were formerly locked up in them begin seeping out (people don’t want to breathe them in—which is the same reason why fish don’t want to swallow butts themselves or swim in the water polluted by their released chemical!). These chemicals have to be later filtered, and in some cases, when water reaches freshwater streams which feed oceans and bays, the contaminated water is released into the natural environment. Bet you didn’t think of that last time you took a drag now did you? (I know I didn’t, but usually I properly dispose of my butts [if there is such a thing]!)

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