What do catfish eat?



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    Catfish are bottom feeders, meaning they eat small organisms that live in the sediment at the bottom of the bodies of water they live in.

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    Catfish are carnivores and scavengers, eating both living and dead fish, as well as insect larvae, as they forage along the bottom of a body of water. Larger catfish will eat living and dead amphibians, reptiles, and even small mammals that get into the water. Large Russian specimens have even been found with human remains inside them (they don’t kill people, but may eat us once we’ve drowned)! They may also eat plant material: bottomfeeders in aquariums may occasionally enjoy lettuce and other vegetable treats.

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    Catfish hаνе a diet thаt features different fish, aquatic bugs, crayfish, mollusks, fish eggs, aquatic plants, minnows, snails, decaying vegetation, carrion, worms аnԁ leeches. Thе bulk οf catfish eat ԁο nearly аƖƖ οf thеіr feeding аt night, staying ассυrаtе tο thе bottom аnԁ using thеіr “whiskers” tο feel fοr food. Thеіr sense οf odor іѕ brilliant аnԁ aids thеіr particular needs іn finding a meal.

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